Wedding introduction

Congratulations on your engagement.  So exciting, and I know that whatever size wedding you're planning, there is bound to be lots and lots to do.Thank you for showing an interest in my photography.

I am a fine art and portrait photographer.  As well as events, family and corporate photography, I spend a lot of time working on projects documenting social situations, focusing on people and exploring relationships. I hope it is evident that my photography has a depth that goes beyond the superficial and that you can see a distinct style which is particular to me.  I'd love to meet up and chat about your wedding, your expectations regarding photography and see if we might be able to work together to capture long lasting, personal and touching images which you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come. I try to avoid styles and filters that will date very quickly, concentrating instead on the context which means your images should mature like a very decent fine wine - getting better and better with age.

Do take a look through my site, my blog and my daily photographic note-book - Instagram.  And get in touch for a chat so we can begin getting to know each other.  07581694934 or

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