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About me

I have been working as a photographer since 2014. I also currently study with the Open College of the Arts/University of the Creative Arts. I used to work as an actor before having a brief stint marketing in the City.  I have three children and live in London. You can see some of my non-commercial work here and keep up to date with new images here

Read a few of the lovely things people have said about my work very recently;-

"Sarah-Jane. It's my pleasure to review your LensCulture Submissions today….My first impression is a positive one, for sure. Your photographs are unique, not run-of-the-mill fare. They also have a hint of mystery to them, which holds the viewer's attention and asks them to ponder for a moment about what is going on here….I have enjoyed this time spent with your work. It is real, it is engaging, it is the world keenly observed through your eyes” Lensculture Portfolio Review, 2017

"Wow!!!! The shots are SO good we love them so much!! Thank you!! ....These are going to be such a valued memory, I can't thank you enough. My sister, her husband and my mum have also just seen them and think they are brilliant" Family Shoot, 2017

"They are all SOOOOOOO Happy ...! Thank you. A lot." Event Photography, Random House Publishing, 2017

"Thank-you, SJ. They are really gorgeous images. What a successful day!" Lifestyle promotional and product photography Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, 2017 "Love them….tell SJ, thank you so much……she is a genius!" Corporate photography, Barclays, 2017

"Sarah-Jane Field is great. Did headshots for my daughter’s Spotlight page, and is about to do my headshot for my business website, based on others she’s done for people I know. Sarah-Jane has a bit of a knack for capturing your soul, through your eyes. I’m not sure if she’ll be vexed or pleased with me for saying that. It’s the truth." Young Actor's Headshots, 2017

"Thank you for the photos. I have posted one on LinkedIn already and I'm very happy with it." Self-employed, 2017

"The shots are fab!!" Corporate Portraits, Luminous Creative, 2017

"Amazing!" 40th Birthday Party, 2017

"...There is an intimacy in these portraits that isn't easily captured by most photographers." Lensculture, 2017

More comments here...

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